Argentina Inspection Trip Day 1-Day 3

As we are a worldwide tour operator, it stands to reason our posts will be mainly about travel. And as a tour leader, it is my (Judy's) passion to write a daily journal whenever I travel, which could be on an escorted tour with clients or occasionally on an inspection trip on my own. These are undertaken before we introduce a new destination, to make sure we include all the best places and activities for our clients. 

In 2017, I combined an inspection trip in Argentina and Peru with an escorted tour in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. My blog for the next while will be taken from my journal of this month long journey to South America. 

28 May: After a 10 hour flight from Johannesburg in South Africa to Sao Paulo in Brazil, followed by a 3 hour flight to Buenos Aires in Argentina, I arrived at the Savoy Hotel around 23h00 on 28 May. Not much registered through my post flying stupor and I barely unpacked. Just cut the plastic wrapping off my …

Let's start at the very beginning

25 years is a long time to be in any business, and there are countless wonderful memories. There is a disadvantage, however - when we started, there was no Internet, no e-mail, no social media, no blogging! I can hear the younger generation saying, "How ever did you manage?"  

Well, we used printers for our brochures and the post office to send itineraries to our clients; we went to the library to research every new destination and we accumulated a mini library of our own, filled with travel books from around the world.

But we must have done something right because many of our clients from those early days are still traveling with us to-day! We have taken escorted tours to many countries across the globe, from Ecuador and Galapagos, to Peru, Chile, Brazil and on to Europe where we have cruised extensively, then to Turkey, Croatia, Russia,  China, Vietnam, Bali.............and beyond.  

As time marched on, we, together with most of our clients, have journeyed into Internet, e-ma…